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Pain Of Salvation

Buying an album blindly is normally a big gamble, but when it comes to Pain Of Salvation it is a grand adventure. I am always looking forward to having their new release in my hands. Over the years, they have proved to be a very diverse and talented band. They challenge their listeners to be open minded and to join their adventure guided by Daniel Gildenlöw (vocalist, guitarist and songwriter). ‘With Road Salt One’ it isn’t any different; once again you will enjoy the ride.

“No Way” is a heavy entrée in which you will discover the blues, a rawer side to Daniel Gildenlöw’s voice and most of all a compact version of what the band stands for nowadays. Again you will encounter dynamic switches from groovy guitars to a soft piano sound with a fragile voice. It leads to a perfect duet between the guitars and Daniel’s emotional voice.

Daniel manages to surpass himself on “Sisters”, a fragile song which makes you want to close the curtains, lock the doors and sit still in the dark just listening to his voice. He draws such a wide pallet of feelings accompanied by Fredrik Hermansson’s classical piano playing, ending in a climax of minimalistic drums and violins. “Of Dust” is a gospel of all the band members, an extremely serene song which will remind some of you of ‘BE’ (InsideOutMusic 2004).

Pain Of Salvation leads you through many emotions and musical styles like classical rock, blues and metal. And if that isn’t enough, listen to “Sleeping Under The Stars”, an uptempo waltz with a number of vocal surprises. The seventies are a strong factor on ‘Road Salt One’. It does not only display a raw, experimental (prog) guitar sound, it also has a melancholic atmosphere. Sometimes the music contains great contrasts, but it is Daniel who brings it all together. The album contains a great variation of songs, and within each individual song there is a lot to discover. Where “Sisters” will make you fall silent, the song “Darkness Of Mine” will do the opposite: it will make you want to cleanse yourself of its darkness and melancholy. The tone has been set for the final song “Innocence” which is even more dark and massive.

‘Road Salt One’ is definitely a totally different album in comparison with all the other albums Pain Of Salvation has ever written. It is not an easy road to go down, but once it has enchanted you, you won’t be able to let it go. Furthermore, ‘Road Salt Two’ is due to be released in the Autumn. (Silvia Deurwaarder)

98 / 100

01. No Way
02. She Likes To Hide
03. Sisters
04. Of Dust
05. Tell Me You Don't Know
06. Sleeping Under The Stars
07. Darkness Of Mine
08. Linoleum
09. Curiosity
10. Where It Hurts
11. Road Salt
12. Innocence