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On September 24 the second Tokyo Dragons album is set to be released via Escapi Music, the English band’s latest effort is entitled ‘Hot Nuts. In their homeland Tokyo Dragons have managed to build a solid fan base and since the release of their debut album ‘Give Me The Fear’ (2005) they have played numerous shows with established names such as Status Quo, Do Me Bad Things and Winnebago Deal. Evidently TD has followed the musical path of fellow countrymen The Darkness who managed to revitalise the seventies rock sound. ‘Hot Nuts’ was recorded in the legendary Litho Studio (owned by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard) and the Avast studio together with producer Kurt Bloch (Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers).

The first track “On Your Marks” immediately reminds me of Kiss in their end of the seventies era: straight up, honest and rock ‘n roll with a groove. This goes for a number of songs on the album, check out “Keeping the Wolf from the Door”, “Ramblin Jack” and “Killing Everybody You Meet” – this guitar riff really reminds me of the one in the Kiss classic “Gold Gin”. And although the riff in the up-tempo song “On Fuel” was quite probably taken from a Motörhead song, it doesn’t really matter because these guys sound like they know how to party. ‘Hot Nuts’ also has its share of slower songs such as “If I Run You Run”, “Rock My Boat” and “Slade Alive”. Near the end of the album we discover a cover of the Todd Rundgren classic “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” and then all comes to an end with the humorous track “Ballad of Ballard”.

‘Hot Nuts’ is tangible proof of the fact that this band has its act together, you can just hear the guys are having a good one. On the other hand it should be mentioned that Tokyo Dragons does not have a particularly original sound, they stayed frightfully close to their rock ‘n roll heroes Thin Lizzy, Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and Motörhead. Loud and dirty guitars, raw vocals and a pleasurably simple rhythm section typify this band. With this style, TD does not fit in with the current metal-core and emo-metal trends but for those who appreciate honest quality rock ‘n roll it certainly is worth a listen. Those who enjoy the styles of aforementioned bands can safely purchase this album. It won’t be long before Tokyo Dragons land in Europe..

1. On Your Marks
2. Keeping The Wolf From The Door
3. If I Run You Run
4. Killing Everybody You Meet
5. Rock My Boat
6. On Fuel
7. Slade Alive
8. Ramblin Jack
9. Couldn't I Just Tell You
10. The Ballad Of Ballard

Steve Lomax - Guitar, Vocals
Mal Bruk - Guitar, Vocals
Mathias Stady ­ Bass
Phil Martini - Drums, Vocals