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It has been two years since Overkill released 'ReliXIV', and now we can look forward to their next effort entitled 'Immortalis'. This will be the fifteenth album released by the thrash quintet. the album title 'Immortalis' (Latin for "Immortal") is a direct reference to the fact that Overkill is still going strong after so many years. After being under the wing of Regain Records for a number of years, Overkill has now returned to the source: Johnny and Marsha Zazula. The Zazulas used to own Megaforce Records, the label responsible for the release of the first Overkill album. At present they have taken their services to Bodog Music and so this is the label which will release 'Immortalis'. Another change was the fact that drummer Tim Malare left the band after serving it for a decade, his replacement is Ron Lipnicki. Fortunately this replacement has not influenced the band's quality or sound, as demonstrated at the Wacken 2007 show.


Back to the album. Compliments for the flying skull artwork, but what it΄s all about, of course, is the music. The opening track "Devils In The Mist" kicks ass straight away. After a rolling riff, the bass and drumparts fade in and all hell breaks loose in a good old thrash song, an uptempo grinder with a catchy chorus. When we hear the solo halfway through the song, we are convinced that this song could definitely become a public favourite for live shows. "What It Takes" is a tad slower, but it rocks. On this track we hear Bobby Blitz sing in a lower voice than usual. Here and there this song reminds us of the latest Exodus records. The song also includes an interesting solo. On "Skull And Bones" we hear guest vocalist Randall Blythe (Lamb of God). The chorus of this song is almost a slow one with Bobby singing in a dragging, low voice, almost like a swampsong, Zakk Wylde style.This strikes me as slightly unfortunate as the verses are pretty fast and powerful whilst the chorus drags the song down. "Shadow Of A Doubt" has a bit of a rusty start but this is fully compensated by Linsk and Tailer's shredding solo's. This song sounds like a slower version of "What It Takes". At this point, the quality of the cd starts to slide somewhat, "Hellish Pride", "Walk Through Fire" and "Head On" all sound alike and they just lack the so-called x-factor. Thankfully, things start to pick up from here. "Charlie Get Your Gun" is so fast and convincing it sounds like it's making up for the mid-cd dip. "Hell Is" starts off slowly but has a furious chorus and the final track "OverkillV...The Brand" (which reminds me of Metallica's "Welcome Home-Sanatarium" for just a moment) is based on a spooky riff which picks up in speed and has the same feel as the first two tracks of the album. Definitely a worthy final track for this album.


At the end of the day, 'Immortalis'  is a fine piece of work. Songs like "Devils In The Mist", "What It Takes", "Charlie Get Your Gun" and "OverkillV..." make this album worth your while. Despite a few mediocre songs halfway through the album, there is no reason not to listen to 'Immortalis' from A to Z. Although some die-hard Overkill fans may have some doubts whether the band still has what it takes, I firmly believe that just a little more effort from the band will certainly result in another classic album in the future. ' Immortalis' testifies to the fact that Overkill is still alive and kicking. (Thomas van Golen)

01. Devils In The Mist
02. What It Takes
03. Skull & Bones
04. Shadow Of A Doubt
05. Hellish Pride
06. Walk Through Fire
07. Head On
08. Chalie Get Your Gun
09. Hell Is
10. Overkill V... The Brand

Overkill are:
Bobby 'Blitz' Elsworth, Vocals
DD Verni – Bass, backing vocals
Dave Linsk – Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Derek Tailer – Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
Ron Lipnicki – Drums