Nightmare Genetic Disorder

Regain Records / Suburban

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The Frech powermetal formation Nightmare has been around since 1979. In the early days they released a number of reasonably good albums among which their debut album 'Waiting For The Twilight' (1984). After numerous line-up changes, Nightmare fell apart in 1988. In 1999 the band was put together again in almost the original line-up, the only difference being that drummer Jo Amore now took care of the vocals in the stead of the late Jean-Marie Boix. Hardly one year later an EP was released, followed by the double live album entitled 'Live Deliverance' and two studio albums. In 2005 the album 'The Dominion Gate' (via Regain Records) was well-received by the media. Looking at their repertoir it is safe to say that Nightmare has grown as a band. Now, two years later, the latest Nightmare album 'Genetic Disorder' carries on where its predecessor left off.

The album starts off with a somewhat bombastic powermetal track entitled "Nothing Left Behind" followed by 'Battleground For Suicide' which is also a fine uptempo powermetal granade. This song and its structure seriously lean towards German powermetal with its pumping bass parts, twin solo's and an outstanding vocal job by Amore. The album also contains a couple of heavier (slower) songs like "Queen Of Love And Pain" which remind somewhat of the vocal qualities of Nevermore's Warrel Dane. Jo Amore really shows what he's made of in this song. "Leader Of The Masquerade" is also a first-class headbanger, heavy midtempo riffs and solo's and the solid drums make this song a potential live favorite. Technically this band has it nailed, listen to the potent track "Final Procession" with splendid solo's by both guitarists, hail! "The Winds Of Sin" is a progressive uptempo song with power, aggression and melody. It is in complete harmony with Amore's voice making it very variable and easy to digest. Other highlights on this album are the speedy track "Forsaken Child" and the final track "Dawn Of Darkness", a midtempo opus with outstanding axework.

'Genetic Disorder' was recorded with Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames) in his Fredmann Studio which resulted in another solid production with a chrystal clear sound. Nightmare has managed to create an album which surpasses the masses, hardly surprising for a band that consists of five top-notch musicians. Fans of bands such as Iced Earth, Symphony X, Mercenary and also Helloween and Gamma Ray will definitely appreciate this album..


01. Nothing Left Behind

02. Battleground For Suicide

03. Queen Of Love & Pain

04. Conspiracy

05. Leader Of The Maquerade

06. Final Procession

07. The Dominion Gate (Part II)

08. The Winds Of Sin

09. Forsaken Child

10. A Thrill Of Death

11. Wicked White Demon

12. Dawn Of Darkness


Nightmare Are

Jo Amore ­ Lead Vocals
Alex Hilbert – Guitars
Franck Milleliri – Guitars
Yves Campion ­ Bass & Vocals
David Amore – Drums & Backing Vocals